Circus, Magic and Mime skills for Film and Television

Casting professionals can find Allin Kempthorne on the Spotlight directory number 0273-5614-8342

Allin Kempthorne trained at the Circus Space circus school in many performance disciplines including juggling, unicycling, mask and mime, clowning, character work and object manipulation.
He followed this with a more conventional drama training at The Method Studio in London, plus extensive private tuition in Magic and Conjuring with several top magicians including at the Las Vegas McBride's Magic and Mystery School.

This unique mix of training means Allin is much in demand for his circus, magic and mime skills in film, commercials and TV productions, as an actor and performer in his own right, plus also doubling for other actors when a scene demands the character to use such skills.

Using his mime skills as a white faced mime performer in BBC's Doctors.

Using his juggling and magicians skills as Mr Rhubarb in the Rowan Atkinson movie Johnny English Reborn.

Allin is trained and experienced in mime, mask, character, skin, robotics, physical theatre and clown work.
He is frequently hired for slow motion or freeze frame mime work for film and television special effects.

Allin is proficient with 3 balls, 4 balls, clubs, knives, rings. Can juggle other items such as fruit, rubber chickens, shoes, crockery, hats, fire etc.

Allin is trained and proficient in physical theatre, mime, robotics and character movement.

Allin is skilled in various magical techniques including playing card manipulation, with a good knowledge of children's magic, close-up magic and larger illusions.

Allin is trained in all aspects of clowning including slapstick, falling, mask and mime, comedy timing and physical theatre. He is an experienced clown with a long history of preforming in circus, corporate events and fastivals.

Can make a large number of balloon models including animals, flowers, spiders etc all the way up to larger more complex creations.

Allin is adding to his circus, magic and mime skills by continuing to learn different aspects of balancing and object manipulation.

Allin is skilled with glove, arm and full figure puppetry.

Allin has been using his mime, magic and circus skills professionally for 20 years on cruise ships, holiday camps, corporate and media events, theatre, panto and children's entertainment.

He has also used his skills on a great many films and television shows including:

Speciual Effects Mime performer, Sherlock Television (2015)
Magician, The Ipanema File Feature Film (2014)
Presenter, The First Stars of Vaudeville Feature Documentary (2013)
White Faced Mime Artist, Doctors Television (2013)
Street Performer, Doctor Who Television (2012)
Street Entertainer, Eastenders Television (2012)
Britain's Got Talent Contestant, One Chance (The Paul Potts Story) Feature Film (2012)
The Mime (lead role), Metro Man Short Film (2012)
Mr Rhubarb, Johnny English Reborn Feature Film (2011)
Bear, Heineken Television Commercial (2009)
Cabaret Juggler, The Omid Djalili Show Television (2009)
Street Entertainer, Hustle Television (2009)
Juggler, Little Dorrit Television (2008)
Clown, The Wrong Door Television (2008)
Juggler, Dubble Chocolate / Comic Relief Television Commercial (2008)
Clown, ITV Sport Promo Television (2008)
Magician, Idents for Peugeot Television (2008)
Juggling Clown, Tittybangbang Television (2007)
Clown, Hustle Television (2007)
Unicyclist, Comic Relief Idents Television (2005)
Various Roles including Swamp Monster, Vampire, Demon, The Vampires of Bloody Island Feature Film (2005)
Slow Motion Mime, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Feature Film (2004)
Television Audience Warm-Up, Britains Strongest Man Television (2004)
Animal Impressionist, Bamboozle Television (2004)
Homicidal Clown, Alistair McGowan's Big Impression Television (2002)
The Clown (lead role), The Clown Short Film (2001)
Clown, Banzai Television (2000)
Malcolm Volio (lead role), Magical Meetings With The Taxman Corporate Video (2000)
The Clown (lead role), The Woman And The Clown Short Film (2000)
The Clown (lead role), A Laughing Matter Short Film (1999)
Pooka, The Magical Legend of the Leprachauns Feature Film (1999)
Dweebie The Robot, Blue Peter Television (1998)
Dweebie The Robot, Spanish Archer Television (1997)
Television Audience Warm-Up, Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Television (1994)

Allin Kempthorne is a fully trained actor and is represented by Wibbell Artistes Management.
Allin runs Kempthorne Entertainment providing magicians, clowns, jugglers and circus performers for festivals, family fun days, corporate and media events.

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