Here's a whole load of photos of Allin Kempthorne on stage,
TV and films, plus out and about in real life too.


In the cult comedy film 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' (which he also wrote)

On set of the film 'Dead No More'

Playing a stage magician in the film 'The Ipanema File'

Allin performed magic tricks in the Rowan Atkinson film 'Johnny English Reborn'

In the film 'Cockcroft and Son'

As Cripple Wa in Terry Pratchett's 'The Colour of Magic'

Getting into trouble in 'The Vampires of Bloody Island'

Playing a mime artist in 'The Metro Man'


Playing rock star Bono on 'John Bishop's Britain'

As Dweebie the Robot with Ruth Madoc

Playing Dave in the TV series 'Babylon'

Playing a mime artist in the BBC soap 'Doctors'

Allin in the TV series 'Dead Romantics'

Filming 'Doctor Who'. Allin's the spooky character dressed in white!

In a historical reconstruction for the BBC's 'Gardener's World'

Losing his trousers on the BBC show 'Genius'

Playing a clown for a test card spoof on E4

As Dweebie the Robot on 'Blue Peter'

Allin Kempthorne on 'Eastenders'

Playing a Rock Star on an MTV promo

On 'Holby City'

As a TV chat show host on 'The Basil Brush Show'

As John Wedgwood in 'The League of Incredible Gentlemen'

Filming a promo for the BBC's 'Children in Need'

Performing magic as a scary clown in the comedy series 'Psychoville'

Allin Kempthorne a tacky salesman for Sky Sports

Performing magic tricks as a clown on 'Eastenders'

Dressed in the scary white costume lurking behind Doctor Who

Playing a zombie in the TV series 'Dead Set'

About to put the head on to play a bear in a lager commercial

'Casualty' on BBC1

Allin in a comedy fantasy show he's completely forgotten the name of!


Thorn the Sharp Magician

Thorn's robotic magician routine

Butterfly illusion

Thorn with a sword


Allin Kempthorne as Professor Strange

Steampunk Magician Professor Strange

Professor Strange on Britain's Got Talent

Comedy Magician Professor Strange


Playing Eddie Twist in the comedy travel series 'Twisted Britain'

As a mime artist in a corporate video

Allin Kempthorne presenting a series of commercials for the AA

Host magician in the series 'The First Stars of Vaudeville'


As Gizmo in 'The Gizmo Show'

As Magician Marvin Acme in the London production of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

As Panto villain Captain Blood

As Captain Crossbones in 'Skull & Crossbones, The Potty Pirates'


Performing card tricks for the local TV news

Compering the Leicester St George Festival

Performing as a monster at various Hallowe'en events around the country

Allin kempthorne presenting at a trade show in Germany

Playing a vampire magician at a live event

Playing a comedy role as a sailor from the Titanic

Allin Kempthorne as a Potty Pirate

Making Balloon Models

Performing on the seas of Europe aboard the cruise ship Pont Aven

Performing at street festivals as Dweebie the Robot

Delivering Santa to the North Pole

Performing as the Cornish Comedian Eddie Twist

Allin performing as a spooky ghost

Magician Thorn performing at a wedding

Performing his children's magic show

Allin Kempthorne performing magic as a wizard


Allin as a child growing up in Cornwall

Studying magic and conjuring at the Magic and Mystery School

Eating breakfast on a film set

Waiting for the audience to come in

Putting on vampire make-up backstage

Taking a stroll on deck between shows while performing on a ship

Fighting the crowds in Dubai

Backstage after a Christmas Show

With his magic teachers Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger

Re-visiting Cornwall where he grew up

With his wife Pamela Kempthorne

Cruise Ship entertainers take their safety drills very seriously

In Spain with friend and fellow magician Daniel Ka

Finding Jesus in Ireland

In the kitchen with comedian Russell Kane

Getting the feeling he's being followed by John Lennon!

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